Ultimate Guide To Barrel Saunas

Barrel saunas provide many different health benefits. These include pain relief, stress reduction, and improved cardiovascular health! But if you are looking to buy a barrel sauna it might seem difficult to know what to look for. With so many different types of woods and heating options available, how do you know which one to choose? This article will break down for you everything you need to know about buying a barrel sauna. It covers size, heaters, and the different woods available.


How to Choose the Right Sauna Size

When it comes to sauna size, there are a couple of things to consider. Measure the size of the space available to you before you buy. Also, check for any obstructions from trees or other obstacles. Also, think about how
many people will be using it. Small or medium spaces can fit a 2-4 person sauna, whereas larger areas could house a 4-8 person unit. Many saunas, such as Aleko, Canadian Timber, Scandia and Thermory barrel saunas come in many sizes. So, you can choose a model that fits the right number of people.


What Type of Heater Should You Use?

There are three main types of barrel sauna: electric, gas, or wood-burning. All types have pros and cons, so research which will suit your needs better.
Wood-burning heaters are the most common type of sauna heater. This is because they offer a natural experience and only need good quality cords of wood to burn. You will need to clean and maintain your wood heaters regularly. This is so that they remain safe and efficient. Electric sauna heaters are easy to maintain. They also allow stress-free temperature management. Bear in
mind that you will need to be close to a power source. Scandia offers a great quality range of electric heaters, from small to large. Gas heaters are also an option, as you can have a free-standing gas bottle that can help you to free up your location. You can buy gas heaters with different types of ignition, as well as alternative fuel types. High-quality heaters should be made of stainless steel and feature high-density stones. Check out these commercial-grade gas heaters available through Healing Sauna Connection.


Which Wood Is Best for a Barrel Sauna?

When buying a wood sauna, considering the type of wood is very important. This can affect not only the design of the sauna but also how heat gets absorbed. Let's look at two of the popular choices of wood barrel saunas for sale.

Cedar Wood

Cedar is the most popular type of wood barrel sauna. They have a wonderful aroma and have some amazing healing and anti-bacterial properties!
It tends to be the most durable wood when in humid climates and harsh temperatures. This high-performance wood resists rot, fungi, and insects.
Few great brands of cedar barrel saunas available are Canadian Timber and Scandia. Canadian Timber has several models available constructed from Eastern White Cedar and Scandia barrel saunas use Red Cedar. They all come as easy-to-assemble kits and a great product guarantee.

Pine Wood

Pine is also a great choice for barrel saunas. Pine doesn't have exposed knots, it doesn't secrete resin, overheat or create splinters. It is also rot-resistant and good for humid climates. Aleko is a high-quality brand offering barrel saunas constructed from pine. Check out this beautiful white pine model, which is suitable for indoor or outdoor use! It offers luxury and comfort, at an affordable price point!


Barrel Saunas: The Best Type of Home Sauna

Barrel saunas provide many health and relaxation benefits. This makes them an ideal addition to any household. With different types of wood and heating options available, you can find the perfect fit. If you are looking to buy a barrel sauna, then Healing Sauna Connection is the right choice. We offer amazing customer service and have a wide range of saunas available. Check out our high-quality barrel sauna collection and start your relaxation journey today!