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Healing Sauna Connection Blog


Aleko Sauna User, USA

This sauna is for 4 persons. It fits perfectly in my house due to its compact size. It is the best option for my family. It have a good design and is functional. Very easy to install and to use. I assembled it on my own without any special knowledge. Now we enjoy time and have very nice rest. As for me it is a must have thing in each house.

Enlighten Sauna User in California, USA
This was an awesome investment! Now I can enjoy an infrared sauna any time I wish! And the great effect after it – it's fantastic! Now my skin is so soft and smooth, making me look like a beauty queen! Definitely a must have for anyone, who wants to look good and relax! Now I spend more time on myself with style! And it's all thanks to Infrared Sauna Enlighten Sauna!

Canadian Timber Sauna User in Minnesota, USA
I purchased a barrel sauna from them and have loved it. The quality and workmanship is top notch.
LeisurerCraft is easy to work with and very responsive to my myriad questions.

Enlighten Sauna User in Florida, USA
Being picky and very strict in all kind of manner is my worst point of character. And yet here I am being grateful to these people in providing me with a great outdoor sauna that I was looking for… a really long time actually. But here I was treated respectively and accurately, my order was issued and delivered on time, everything was as promised. For this I give two thumbs up for these people being professional. Great job!

Canadian Timber Sauna User in Calafornia, USA
I love my unit, use it as often as I can, and customer service has been great from the start and has
continued 2 years after I bought it. Great product and company!

Canadian Timber Sauna User in Florida, USA
Excellent craftsmanship! Great instructions!! We are loving the Canadian cedar down in Florida!

Enlighten Sauna User in North Carolina, USA
We bought the sauna for my elderly father who uses it to help deal with various aches and pains. The sauna is working out great for him, and he really feels the benefits. He's also lost 4 pounds in two weeks. What's better, he can use it when he wants to without a long drive, an appointment, or a long wait. A half an hour IR sauna treatment at the nearest spa costs $30, if you are a member. Since we have two people using the sauna regularly, it will pay for itself very quickly. There are very few things I've seen that I think are a better investment.

Aleko Sauna User, USA

Hello to all fans of the sauna. I want to share my impressions of this wonderful sauna. The first when I could use the sauna I want to note the excellent quality of the material from which it is made, as well, the connections of the wood are very dense and of high quality. This is an excellent choice for those who appreciate a healthy lifestyle and understand that the presence of such a sauna entails the greatest consequences. В В The beauty is that in this sauna there is enough room for four people, and you don't have to worry if you are overweight or tall person , this sauna can accommodate four big persons. I advise everyone. Be always healthy, because health is the success of your life.